Black chrome plating tapware finishes
Matt black chrome architectural fittings
Matt black chrome tapware architectural fittings
Chrome plating tapware architectural fittings
Black chrome tapware architectural fittings

Matt Black Chrome - Black Chrome - Chrome Plating Melbourne

Huntingdale Electroplating has over 30 years experience in electroplating and polishing. We specialise in the architectural industry providing a wide range finishes to tapware, handles, lockware, including the popular Matt Black Chrome, Black Chrome and standard Chrome Plating. We specialise in large production runs and work with many Australian companies providing high quality finishes to a wide range of products with a service and quality second to none.

For your next project involving Chrome Plating from large repetition runs, architectural fittings, shopfront signs or your special project, consider HD Plating.

Electroplating Finishes

Chrome - Satin Chrome - Brushed Chrome
Chrome is available in a variety of finish options. It shows a bright lustra with a bluish hue and can be applied to many products.
Black Chrome - Matt Black Chrome - Satin Black
Black Chrome is available in a variety of finishes and provides a suitable architectural and visual alternative to traditional polished bright chrome finishes.
Nickel - Satin Nickel - Brushed Nickel - Bright Nickel
Nickel is used for most decorative plated finishes due to the number of finishes available. Effects such as brightness, dullness, pearlescence aged finishes etc combined with its durability make nickel an ideal plating option.
Graphite - Matt Graphite - Satin Graphite
Graphite is an alternative finish and look.
Gold - Matt Gold - Satin Gold - Brushed Gold
Gold typically offers great reflectance and brightness. Gold is often used on tapware and in marine hardware applications as it does not tarnish like brass.
Copper - Brushed Copper - Antique Copper
Copper is available in a variety of finishes and can be polished to a high lustre. Ideal for use with architectural fittings.
Rose Gold - Matt Rose - Satin Rose Gold
Rose Gold is a combination of plating techniques to offer a light pink tinge to a gold plating finish.
Brass - Satin Brass - Antique Brass - Tumbled Brass
Brass is using different methods and usually finished with a lacquer to prevent oxidisation.
Zinc is utilised as a protective coating commonly used on steel and iron in engineering applications.
Tin portrays a silver/white appearance and is suitable for use with electrical fittings due to its high conductivity.
Florentine finishes
Florentine finishes are produced by utilising various oxidation methods, generally with brass or copper, producing varied effects and patinations.
Electroless Nickel
Electroless nickel plating produces a nickel phosphorus alloy coating. It is commonly used in engineering coating applications where wear resistance, hardness and corrosion protection are required. Applications include oil field valves, rotors, drive shafts, paper handling equipment, fuel rails, optical surfaces for diamond turning, door knobs, kitchen utensils, bathroom fixtures, electrical/mechanical tools and office equipment. It is also commonly used as a coating in electronics printed circuit board manufacturing, typically with an overlay of gold to prevent corrosion, known as electroless nickel immersion gold.

Due to the high hardness of the coating it can be used to salvage worn parts. Its uniform deposition profile mean it can be applied to complex components not readily suited to other hard wearing coatings like hard chromium.

It is also used extensively in the manufacture of hard disk drives, as a way of providing an atomically smooth coating to the aluminium disks, that protect the underlying media layer from damage.

The use of electroless nickel has also increased significantly.

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